Rena L

My name is Rena L. I am a client of Visions Marketing Media. Joanne has been guiding and helping me build my… business on Social Media for about 6 months now. My experience with her has been nothing but pure pleasure and satisfaction. I am new to “business” Social Media and I needed someone to really offer a detailed, comprehensive approach ~and boy did she deliver! She knows exactly what to post, what time to post, how to post AND she encourages me to do the same. I have learned so much from her. She really does know her stuff. She also has a lovely temperament. My business has grown and I have hundreds of followers…I started with Zero. I highly recommend her/Visions Marketing Media. You can feel 💯 confident that your business is being cared for and growing in the right direction. I am so happy with my results and can’t wait to see what the future holds!